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Villa Faraggiana

Villa Faraggiana rises just outside the town on the Simplon State Road in the direction of Arona. The mansion was built in 1855 by Antonio Busser, an engineer from Galliate, as a summer home for the noble family Faraggiana. For its architectural profile it is probably the most important neoclassical building on the Piedmontese shore of Lake Maggiore. Favoured by its panoramic position overlooking the lake the villa stands out for the 44 mt. long grandiose façade.
An arcade surmounted by a tympanum and preceded by a majestic staircase enhances the central section; worth noticing are the five busts of Dante, Boccaccio, Petrarca , Ariosto and Tasso. An extensive park full of age-old trees such as cedars of Lebanon, linden trees, beeches and an endless variety of acidophilic plants and bushes surrounds the villa. Around the park there also are several dépendances: up to 1948 in one of these buildings it was possible to admire a rich collection of stuffed exotic animals, now exposed at the Faraggiana Museum of Novara. In 1949 the heirs to the Faraggiana estate donated the great mansion, which is now a rest home for elderlies.