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Villa Cavallini

Villa Cavallini This impressive residence, which can be easily admired by SS33 Simplon just entered the territory of Solcio, is the result of the merger of three buildings that in 1870 the owner Gaspare Cavallini, lawyer and senator for fortune, decided to implement under the direction the architect Annibale Rigotti Turin: the home of the late eighteenth Minetti on the left, a long rustic building on the right and a store for link between two existing buildings.
Vast is the park that surrounds it, arranged in part Italian and partly from English, with false remains of a castle visconteo spread a little 'everywhere, demonstrating love of horses for art and antiquities. The tower stands out neocastellana the family crest depicting a horse rampant with the motto "impavide and constanter", "always without fear." A curiosity to the garden on the back, where there are some funeral tombstones with epitaphs in memory of dogs raised by Senator, passionate of greyhounds smoked. As required by testament, the villa became the property of the municipality of Lesa, who settled the State Institute for Agriculture, with classrooms and greenhouses for the practice florovivaistica.