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The municipality of Vignone is located on the hills behind Verbania Intra along the slopes of Monte Cimolo, in a beautiful sunny position with a wide view of Lake Maggiore.
Its territory extends with wide woods on the left side of the Intrasca Valley with a medium altitude of 500m above sea level.
To see it is the monumental complex of San Martino (XVI-XIX century) consisting of the Parish Church, the frescoed Ossuary, the Parish House and the Cemetery, surrounding the church called La Rotonda, with circular plan, a true rarity at European level.
The territory offers many path for pleasant walks, trekking and MTB trails and also historical routes.
In the villages of Vignone and Bureglio you will find oratories dating back the seven-nineteenth century and some characteristic glimpses with the classic types of spontaneous architecture.
The name "Vignone" comes from the vastness of the vineyards that occupied much of its countryside, now abandoned.
The presence of man since ancient times is documented by an anthropomorphic rock engraving on a stone reused for a house in Vignola, by the presence of boulders cupped in Crana, Casa dei Muli and Belvedere di Bureglio, as well as various finds of Celtic burials in the Bienna area and Roman finds in the locality of Motto Crana. The Church of San Martino was for centuries the fulcrum of the homonymous degagna (ecclesiastical division but also administrative) at the head of the villages on the left side of the Intrasca Valley, up to Aurano and Scareno, and the inhabited nuclei of Mount Cimolo. Vignone can be reached from Verbania Intra via the Intra-Premeno road.