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Terme di Bognanco

Bognanco Thermes offers a modern and well organized centre to which collaborates a medical team who offers personalized cures who exploits the benefits of the three different kind of curative waters.
These waters are indicated for skin deseases, intestinal and digestive problems, metabolims deseases.
A thermal swimming pool, with hot water, is avaible.
The Thermes of Bognanco are situated in a nice and quite park where it is possible to relax and enjoy the benefits of the water.
There are three different sources: Fonte Ausonia, digestive and rich of carbonic anidride, Fonte San Lorenzo, purgative and diuretic, and Fonte Gaudenziana, useful in case of renal deseases.

terme di bognanco

Acque e terme nel Distretto Turistico dei Laghi