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Saint Charles's Statue

Main attraction point is the statue of Saint Charles towering over Arona. Committed by Cardinal Federico Borromeo and by the Oblate Marco Aurelio Grattarola who coordinated the works, the statue was completed in 1698. The colossus, meant to hand down to posterity the figure of the Saint, had to be visible from the lake as well. Giovan Battista Crespi, better known as Cerano, was put in charge of realizing the colossal statue which was built with cold-hammered sheets of copper joined together with nails and tie-rods. The 23.40 mt. tall statue stands on an 11.70 mt. high granite pedestal for a total height of 35.10 mt. which makes it the second tallest statue in the world after the Statue of Liberty. It can be visited on the inside and from the pedestal one can enjoy a fabulous panorama.
Near the statue stands the church dedicated to the Saint. It is composed of two sections: the first dedicated to the religious celebrations, the second, called the “Chamber of the Three Lakes”, is a reconstruction of the room, inside the Castle on the Rock, where Saint Charles was born.

Prices 2013:
Individual ticket - euro 2.50
Individual ticket - entry inside the statue - euro 4.00
Reduced ticket euro 3.00
Childreen younger than 6 years can't enter inside the statue

Opening periods:
01/01 - 28/02: closed
01 - 30/03: Only Saturday and Sunday, 09.00-12.30/14.00-16.30
31/03 - 29/09:open everyday: 09.00-12.30/14.00-18.15
30/09 - 26/10: only Saturday and Sunday: 09.00-12.30/14.00-18.15
27/10 - 24/11: Saturday and Sunday (1st November included): 09.00-12.30/14.00-16.30
25/11 - 31/12: open only Saturday and Sunday (8th December included): 09.00-12.30/14.00-16.30
25 - 26/12: closed