Orta San Giulio
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Sacro Monte of Orta

The Sacro Monte of Orta is located within a historical parc, nowadays a nature reserve, of 13 hectares and comprises:
-21 votive chapels dating back to the end of the XVIth and the XVIIIth centuries with frescoes and sculptures of terra cotta narrating the life of San Francesco of Assisi;
-370 real dimension polychrome statues of terra cotta realized by the best artists of the Lombard school, who also worked on the Duomo of Milan;
-over 900 frescoes creating real theatrical representations.
The location of the buildings and their well distributed connection as well as the surrounding woodland inspire the visitor to meditation: at certain points of the park the visitr can rest his eyes on breathtaking panoramic views over the lake and the montains around it.
A visit to the Sacro Monte, the medieval town of Orta and finally to the Isle of San Giulio is a sequence of works of art, of architectural and landscaping masterpieces created for all those who are in constant search of “beauty and the infinite”. A fabulous itinerary you’ll never forget. (A free guided tour of the Sacro Monte is also available. Duration 1.5 hours).

Summer hours: Monday - Friday 9.30-18.00 / Saturday and Sunday 9.30-18.30
Winter opening hours: Monday - Friday 9.30-16.00 / Saturday and Sunday 9.30-16.30

I sacri monti, patrimonio Unesco

Sacro Monte