Orta San Giulio
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Sacro Monte of Orta

Orta is a gorgeous small town and is characterised by its picturesque streets in the historical centre and by the wonderful Sacred Mount, which overlooks the Lake from a green hill. The Sacred Mount was built at the end of 1500 thanks to the project of the abbot Amico Canobio and is made up of twenty chapels dedicated to St. Francesco. The visitor will discover the numerous works hosted in this harmonious place, where beauties of nature coexist perfectly with sculptures, frescos and architecture. The first chapels were realised following Renaissance models, but here the turist can also admire the magnificent vestiges of baroque and rococò. The Sacro Monte of Orta is located within a historical parc, nowadays a nature reserve, of 13 hectares and comprises: 21 votive chapels dating back to the end of the XVIth and the XVIIIth centuries with frescoes and sculptures of terra cotta narrating the life of San Francesco of Assisi; 370 real dimension polychrome statues of terra cotta realized by the best artists of the Lombard school, who also worked on the Duomo of Milan; over 900 frescoes creating real theatrical representations. The location of the buildings and their well distributed connection as well as the surrounding woodland inspire the visitor to meditation: at certain points of the park the visitr can rest his eyes on breathtaking panoramic views over the lake and the montains around it. A visit to the Sacro Monte, the medieval town of Orta and finally to the Isle of San Giulio is a sequence of works of art, of architectural and landscaping masterpieces created for all those who are in constant search of “beauty and the infinite”. A fabulous itinerary you’ll never forget.

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45° 47' 51.6732" N, 8° 24' 45.198" E
Chapels - Sacred Mountain - Nature Reserve

Summer hours: Monday - Friday 9.30-18.00 / Saturday and Sunday 9.30-18.30
Winter opening hours: Monday - Friday 9.30-16.00 / Saturday and Sunday 9.30-16.30

I sacri monti, patrimonio Unesco

Sacro Monte