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Premia Thermes

At 800 metres above sea level and only 20 kms far from the international train station of Domodossola, Premia is the most important hot springs centre in Upper Piedmont.
A recently constructed modern spa with a hot springs complex offers a variety of treatments for many different pathologies with saunas, indoor and outdoor pools, a gymnasium and fitness facilities.
The natural hot springs are classified as hyper-thermal and contain calcium sulphate in a fixed residue of 180° per 1414mg/litre of water.
The waters are particularly efficacius in the treatment of skin disorders, offering immediate relief after just one bathing session. With their highly expectorant and soothing qualities they also have a therapeutic effect on the respiratory tract.
Optimum results have also been achieved in the treatment of degenerative, inflammatory pathologies and muscular-skeletal traumas, along with a significant reduction in rehabilitation time. The waters are decisive in the treatment of many gynaecological diseases and their re-hydrating characteristics render them suitable for the treatment of burns or scarring and combating the signs of ageing skin.
The presence of medical and paramedical personnel at the spa guarantees that the most appropriate therapy for every request can be safely identified and a specially designed pool for children with appropriate depht and temperature is also available for their treatment.

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