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Museo Rodari

The Museum Rodari is located in the center of Omegna.
The museum itinerary is dedicated to Gianni Rodari, writer, journalist, pedagogue, intellectual and considered the greatest fabulist of the twentieth century, born in Omegna (VB) on 23rd of October 1920.
The first room of the Museum is designed to welcome the public and contextualize the territory. The first area tells the history of our territory: the significant places of Lake Orta linked to the thoughts of Gianni Rodari and the creative character of Omegna, told through the companies and design objects born in Omegna.
The next room is dedicated to the life of Rodari, characterized by a large wall projection and a low table on which there are a series of objects: notebooks, cinema tickets, videotapes and more.
The visitor can touch each object activating a story. In the same room a wall-panel draws the line Rodari’s life, intertwining with historic events in Italy and around the world.
At the first floor the visitor see the first installation, the “Binomio Elettrico”, which invites to choose two words and create a conceptual connection by joining them together. This is done using two colored plugs, two poles which, when joined, activate a luminous electric circuit and give life to a graphic animation that highlights some imaginative phrases.
The visitor find other two installations, "Ad inventar storie" and "Favole al rovescio". The first is a big television, where is possible mixing environments and characters from Rodari's most famous stories, to create new connections with the imagination; the second installation is an analog mechanism with rollers, gears and tape reminiscent of the newspaper press. By turning the crank, the visitor operates the machinery.
The last room is dedicated to the great installation “The Library of Fantasy”: a bookcase with circa 300 white books, where some of them are illuminated and touching them activates a videomapping on the entire library and a short Rodari’s story.
In the rooms are located also some ancient telephones thanks them is possible to hear le Favole al Telefono of Ragionier Bianchi (Tales at telephone) – on italian and english languages.

Opening & Schedule 2022:

from the 10th of January:
Friday afternoon: 15.00 - 18.00
Saturday & Sunday: 9.30 - 12.30 and 15.00 - 18.00

single ticket € 10,00
Special Tickets (under 18 y.o. and over 65 y.o. for all people that live in Omegna) € 6,00
discount for families and groups
free for children under 5 y.o., disabled and invalids