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The town of Lesa is a lovely lake center of almost 2400 inhabitants situated on the shores of Lake Maggiore, in an area between the hill of the Motta Rossa and the lake itself.

The town, born with its first houses on the delta of Erno River which flows into the lake, has been developed in time just where the lake basin would have provided shelter from the wind. The mild climate has thus given to the town of Lesa the peculiarity of the most popular tourist resort of the lake. Around the old center, you can enjoy wonderful walks in the green shade of chestnut and fruit trees, such as the famous peaches that, in the past, were the true local economy. Among the monuments, there is the wonderful Villa Riva, whose park was unfortunately marred by the passage, in the nineteenth century, of he railroad.
The old town, still well reserved on the old cadastral boards Mappa Rabbini, has developed in parallel with the old Napoleonic road, formerly of Roman origin. Around the old center, which has a valuable lake promenade, numerous villas of significant architectural impact were built in 700 and in 800.