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Lagoni Natural Park Mercurago

Established in 1980 the park spreads out into the territory of Arona, Dormelletto, Oleggio Castello and Comignago. It can be visited by following the over 30 Km. of tracks and trails, strolling freely through the various environmental areas or following specific theme-oriented itineraries identified by specific signs (reed-thicket itinerary, wooded areas, archaeological sites and production activities). Visitors can also enjoy a long bycicling lane.
The park offers a great variety of wooded areas with oak groves and zones with a mix of hardwood forest, chestnut and robinia alternated with meadows and pastures where splendid horses can be admired (this is where the famous thouroughbreds of the Dormello Olgiata stud-farm were bred). Within the territory of the Lagoni were also found many archaeological remains dating back to the Roman age which led to the recovery of many objects and cinerary urns, now kept in the Archaeological Museum of Arona.
The main entrances to the park are:
- from Mercurago, on via Gattico 6, seat of the guided tours center
- from Dormelletto, via Lagoni, with plenty of parking spaces