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Lago Maggiore Zipline

Facing the wonderful view of Lake Maggiore, you are surrounded by the greenery of Valle Intrasca, with the emotion of flying and the unique sensation of feeling of experiencing the nose-dive of the hawk. There are about 2 km that connect Pian d’Arla (1.307 above sea level) to Alpe Segletta (960 above sea level), 1850 meters in less than 1 minute and a half flying at the speed of over 120 km/h, safely latched on to a cable. This is Lake Maggiore Zipline in its essence, like a thrill that glides on a thread and gives you the emotion of flight. The Zipline is a steel cable suspended between two points with different altitudes from which one descends safely at high speed, providing the sensation of free flight. It is different from hang-gliding, paragliding and the other flight systems without engine, because Zipline is suitable for everyone, it doesn’t need particular equipment or abilities and preparations.

HOW IT WORKS: Flying on the Lake Maggiore Zipline is really easy and comfortable. We recommend buying tickets online or in Vivaticket authorized sales points, choosing the date and the time slot, making sure the reservation and avoiding unnecessary queues. It is also possible to buy a gift card ticket, for all the details visit the section “GIFT A FIGHT” on the website. The meeting point (Aurano, located on Alpe Segletta) is the arrival of Lake Maggiore Zipline. Here you can find a comfortable free parking, the ticket office, the bar restaurant “LA Batùa” and a green area where who doesn’t fly can wait to your flight arrival. The meeting point at the ticket office is half an hour before the time of the reservation. When you have completed the release, it is possible to rent a GoPro to realize a video about your experience. During the hour of your reservation, there is a shuttle that in 20 minutes reaches the departure station. Here, after a short briefing, you will receive the flight equipment (harness, helmet, wind goggles). Our operators hook the pulley to the cable and … 3 2 1 LET’S FLY! At the end of the flight an automatic system ensures a gentle braking. On the arrival platform our operators will welcome you, unhook the pulley and take back the harness.

1 CABLE 2 FLIGHT STYLE. Our system gives the possibility to choose, just before the launch, the flight style between Free Style or Falcon Style, both individually or in pairs. Discover in the FAQ limits of height and weight. Free Style: the free style of who wants to twirl like a swallow. You are frontally hooked, the position is upright, the arms and legs are free. With this style you can make every evolution you want, flight experiencing the sensation to fly in the air. Falcon Style: the style of who wants to feel like the nose-dive of the hawk. The hook is on the back, in a lying position, face down, arms and legs are in an aerodynamic position searching for the maximum speed. From 0 to more than 120km/h in less than few minutes, for who loves to fly and feel the thrill of speed.

DEPARTURE – “IL FIENILE”. Pian d’Arla (1307 above sea level) is located on Linea Cadorna, the defensive fortification of First World War. Here, next to the unsurfaced road, was build the starting point, a stone and wooden structure that reproduces the classic barn of Valle Intrasca. In the tradition of life in the past, the mountain barn (“il fienile”) collected the gold of the harder lawns, where the slope forced to work almost clinging to be able to mow with one hand the green and rare tufts of alpine grass. The barn was often connected to the network of cantilevered wires that carried the precious loads in the villages of Valle Intrasca…today the wire has changed and the barn is the starting point of the Lake Maggiore Zipline. Entering the barn you have the feeling of being in a safe and quiet place, where you can concentrate and prepare yourself. It is the moment before the jump into the light, wind, speed and the emotion of flight. The structure of the starting point of Lake Maggiore Zipline is accessible to disabled people who need to move in a wheelchair.

THE ARRIVAL - “IL NIDO. Alpe Segletta (960 meters above sea level) is an inhabited pasture, with hospitality facilities, second houses and chalets. The Nido is a place that has to be reached to fly on the Lake Maggiore Zipline, where there is the free parking, the ticket office and the bar restaurant La Batùa, that offers a local cuisine and large spaces where to spend time together. The Nido is the structure created ad hoc surrounded by nature, integrating perfectly with its appearance made of transparencies and crossed trunks. As a nest, it gives a perfect welcome to those who fly, who accompany and who wants to enjoy the valley, maybe observing the birds. From the Nido starts a network of paths that gives you the possibility to take easy and pleasant walks, suitable also for children, but also harder paths, for expert walkers, leading to altitude through unique landscapes. A signed path connects, in about 1h30m of walk, the Nido to the Fienile, the starting point of Lake Maggiore Zipline .At the Nido it is possible to rent also the e-bikes to discover Linea Cadorna roads, more than 30 km of dirt road easy to follow. The structure of the Lake Maggiore Zipline arrival is accessible also to disabled people who need to move in a wheelchair.

PARK AND FLY. A comfortable park with 40 parking spaces welcome to Alpe Segletta who decided to fly on the Lake Maggiore Zipline reaching it with their own vehicle. After parking, you are at the Nido, the arrival station of Lake Maggiore Zipline, where there is the ticket office and La Batùa, our bar restaurant. You are immediately ready to fly, you don’t need to have long walks or climb steep paths. The shuttle will take you in less than 20 minutes to the starting point at Pian d’Arla and fly. At the end of the flight you can choose to fly again, stop at our restaurant or go for a walk in Terre Alte following the signed paths. At the Nido it is possible to rent also the e-bikes to discover Linea Cadorna roads, more than 30 km of dirt road easy to follow. Who accompanies and does not fly can wait at the Nido and enjoy the arrivals, standing in the large meadow or sitting at the bar restaurant tables.

Lago Maggiore Zipline... READY, SET,GO! [ITA]

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