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The town of Colazza is a small town of about 500 inhabitants, near South Vergante, in the hills overlooking Lake Maggiore.

The municipality lies at an altitude from 435 to 830 meters above sea level. Thanks also to its sunny exposure typical of hilly areas, the climate is always warm and mild, even in winter. This climate has made Colazza an important tourist destination and many accommodations have arisen precisely to support this vocation. The old center of the town, two churches worth a visit: the smaller and more intimate dedicated to St Bernard of Menton and the main one, called the Great Church, where you can enjoy a picturesque view of Lake Maggiore and the surrounding area.
For several years Colazza has developed a modern and efficient sports center, which also includes the ice skating rink, the only facility of this kind in the whole Vergante area. In summer, the sports center provides the opportunity to perform, among other activities, including fishing, thanks to the small lake that lies in the complex.
Leaving the Colazza, you can follow many paths that connect to neighboring municipalities or lead to old pastures through the many shady woods. Thanks to the woods, through the production of charcoal derived from them and to his business, Colazza launched its economic wealth, supplying all the surrounding towns including the same Milan.