Bolzano Novarese
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Church of S. Martino "di Ingravo"

The early construction of the church which stands near the cemetery probably dates back to the XII century. It was the ancient parish of Engrevo (first name given to the settlement, reported in documents from the X to the XII centuries, which describe settlements established by people professing Frankish, Lombard and Roman law). With its simple cone-shaped façade and a single nave it represents a typical example of rural Romanesque architecture. Inside the church can be admired some valuable XV and XVI century frescoes. Also on the outer façade is “Saint Martin and the Pauper” and a “Lament over Christ” by Tommaso Cagnola, father of Frances. On the right wall are two “Crucifixions” dating back to 1403 and 1482.
The apsis is decorated with frescoes depicting the “Twelve Apostles” and the “Annunciation” while “Cristo Pantocratore with the symbols of the Evangelists” made by Francesco Cagnola in 1507 is painted in the “mandorla”.