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Chapel Ossario Beolchi

The chapel Beolchi is today in Via Cesare Battisti, famous as „Ryga di moort“ means that is set on the same place where the cemetery of Arona was, behind the church of the Santi Martiri and the town hall. It has its name from the patrician Bartolomeo Beolco from Milan, who let build it in 1683 as a house for the remains thanks for his favour for the souls of the hell. The chapel is a little piece of jewellery of the Lombard baroque: interesting are the facades that are collocated to north and east and the precious iron bars of red and black, worked out marble that is surrounded like relief. In the internal part of this little constructions that are set on a squared ground plan, one can see macabre paintings that are possibly from the painter Francesco Beloto between 1683 and 1694.