Castelletto Ticino
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Castelletto Ticino

Castelletto Ticino is an important center of about 9000 inhabitants, located in a strategic geographical position: between Lake Maggiore, the Ticino river and the hilly part of Novara.

The first settlements of the place, were dated back to the thirteenth century B.C. Today it is still possible to discover evidence through the archaeological sites, such as the necropolis of Culture in Canegrate, discovered in 1950 near the town Glisente. Today Castelletto is a city with a business calling. However, despite of the many centers for trade built in recent years, Castelletto has kept intact its green soul preserving its forests and its lush coastline on River Ticino. Here, passing through the river by boat, you can see many beautiful villas of remarkable architectural style.
The City of Castelletto Ticino, inserted in the Natural Park of the Ticino Valley, has a bike path that connects the town to the nearby town of Pombia through a unique botanical route. In the area along the banks of the river and right near the botanical course, there are many high standard campsites, born to ensure an excellent tourist accommodation that makes Castelletto Ticino a popular destination for foreign visitors.