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Bognanco Valley

The Bognanco valley is internationally renowned for its waters.
Boganco offers a peacefulness second to none: the walks out from the town and numerous and relaxing; in the surrounding woods you can hear the "hundred waterfalls" running; there are the towns with their characteristics stone roofs. The Spa is the center of tourist life in the valley. For excusions, Bognanco Valley offers numerous choices: Fornalino, the Verosso Summit, the Gattascosa Summit, and the three Paione lakes, which are joined together.
Across the Monscera pass, ancient smuggling route, pass lots of tourist groups coming from Switzerland to Bognanco before going on to Antrona.
Not so tiring, but just as inspiring, are the walks to Mount Gomba and Mount St.Bernard's. You should also make time to go and see the ancient boroughs of St. Marrk's, Messasca, Possetto, Pizzanco, Camisanca, Lawrence's and Graniga, with its naturall terraces from which you may look out over the whole valley.