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The municipality of Arona is a small town with a strong touristic calling, which lies on the shores of Lake Maggiore, at a height of 212 meters above sea level.

It’s said that a Ligurian settlement laid the foundations for what is became the current city plan. Behind the urban core, on the high rock overlooking the lake, are still visible and the remains of the Borromeo castle, which, in 1162, gave shelter to pilgrims in flight from Milan, destroyed that year by Frederick Barbarossa.
There are many noteworthy monuments in Arona. Among them, the courthouse from the fifteenth century, the characteristic little Piazza del Popolo and the nice piazza San Graziano.
In addition, the Collegiate Church of St Mary, dating from the fifteenth century, is one of the most important religious monuments not only of the town of Arona, but the whole area, keeping inside it the Altarpiece of the Nativity by Gaudenzio Ferrari.
Finally, for those who decide to stay some days in Arona, the advice is to not miss a visit to the archaeological museum, a walk to the site of the Borromeo fortress, and a visit to the Colossus of San Carlo, the cities symbol, where you can enjoy a special view of the entire surrounding area.