Antrona Schieranco
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Antrona valley

The Antrona Valley, although it is the least well-know of the Ossola valleys, is nonetheless important for its traditions, for its beautiful villages, marvellous woods, and picture-sque lakes.
The towns you come across are: Villadossola, Montescheno, surronded by fruit plantations chestnut trees, and verdant pastures; Seppiana, Viganella and St Peter's, up to Antrona Piana, considered the capital of the Valley.
At Antrona Piana the valley forkd off: to the left is Antrona lake. If you go this way by foot you'll come across Camposecco and Cingino lakes, then the Campiccioli dam, with its reservoir behind.
If you go on the right, though, you will reach an altitude of 1.497 meters and come out at Cheggio, dominated by 3.000 and 4.000 - metre monubtains. It's a ski resort with all modcons. Nearbay is the Alpe dei Cavalli basin.

Valle Antrona e Valle Bognanco