Friday, August 20, 2021 to Thursday, December 1, 2022
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GRAVELLONA TOCE - Mostra Archeologica "Memorie dal Passato"

The exhibition is specially dedicated to Felice Pattaroni’s excavations at Pedemonte in the 1950s, which highlighted the remains of an ancient settlement (first century BCE - fifth century CE) and of a burial ground (fifth century BCE - fourth century CE). In order to give an in-depth (but necessarily
not complete) study of the ancient contexts (both settlement and burial ground) the display follows five thematic sections (body and appearance, manufacture activities and commerce, kitchen- and tableware, the burial ground), housed in the three exhibition rooms.

Deaf visitors will be able to enjoy the video guide directly in the exhibition thanks to a tablet that will allow them to move as suggested by the exhibition itinerary.

Free entrance - by reservation

For reservations for guided tours and educational workshops please contact:
Associazione Archeologica Culturale "F. Pattaroni": email:

- tel. +39 0323 848553
Comune tel. +39 0323 848386 int. 7 - email: