Thu, 30/06/2011
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"Amazing Tours" discovering the jewels of Distretto Turistico of Lakes, Mounts and Valleys!

From July, 5 do not miss the chance to take part to one or more trips organised by our Local Tourist Agency (Distretto Turistico dei Laghi).
Modern buses will bring turists from campings to the best location among lakes, mountains and valleys of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola and Novara provinces.

Twice a week two amazing trips to discover the most enchanting places of this touristic area.
From the most modern thermal baths of norther Piedmont till the extraordinary Toce Waterfall (143 mts high), from the ancient walser villages till the unpolluted alpine valleys!

Starting from this page you will buy the bus tickets (€ 10 return fare): you will choice what to visit, where to eat and what to do, with our pieces of advices and special fares exclusively for you!

Departures from:
8.00 am Dormelletto
8.10 am Arona
8.20 am Solcio (Lesa)
8.40 am Stresa
8.50 am Baveno
9.00 am Feriolo – Roundabout
9.05 am Fondotoce – Crossroads near Isolino Camping Site
9.10 am Fondotoce – Cimiter

Further info at the Reception Staff.
Booking via credit card at the Reception Desk and on line on this webiste by 24 hours before the departure.

Click on the proposal you prefer and reserve your seat!

- Amazing Tour 4 agosto 2011 - Lake Orta and Mottarone
- Amazing Tour 9 agosto 2011 - Thermal Baths & Waterfall
- Amazing Tour 11 agosto 2011 - Nature Park of Alpe Devero
- Amazing Tour 16 agosto 2011 - Vigezzo Valley and Pastures of the Loana Valley
- Amazing Tour 18 agosto 2011 - Thermal Baths & Toce Waterfall
- Amazing Tour 23 agosto 2011 - Divedro Valley, Nature and Donkey Trekking
- Amazing Tour 25 agosto 2011 - Mount Rosa, Culture, Food&Wine
- Amazing Tour 30 agosto 2011 - Thermal Baths & Toce Waterfall
- Amazing Tour 1 settembre 2011 - Antrona Valley and the Solar Mirror
- Amazing Tour 6 settembre 2011 - Lake Orta and Mottarone
- Amazing Tour 8 settembre 2011 - Mount Rosa, Culture, Food and Wine
- Amazing Tour 13 settembre 2011 - Thermal Baths & Toce Waterfall
- Amazing Tour each wednesday - Ancient Marble Quarry of Ornavasso