Museum of Hospitality - Armeno

Lago d'Orta

Nel comune di Armeno si trova uno tra i più originali musei d’Italia: il Museo degli Alberghieri.

In the town of Armeno there is one of the most original museums in Italy: the Museum of Hospitality.

This museum, an authentic place of memory, has a unique collection of memories, fragments of life, testimonies, preserved over the years by hoteliers, waiters, cooks around the world and kept as evidence of their activities. Besides, Armeno is famous for being the home of the hoteliers and a historical legend tells that this town has learned the art of the managing of the house and the table, serving the lombard nobles who, in order to escape the plague told by Manzoni, moved to Armeno.
Today in the museum you can see items of work, kitchen tools, photographs, collections of vintage newspapers, menus of famous meetings, books and rare books of recipes and many other documents that make this place an authentic jewel of originality and suggestiveness.






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